Friday, July 30, 2010

tall ships and small people

notes from the second annual family long weekend in duluth:
  • the tall ships® are in town! which means 15 minutes of looking at a tall ship® and three hours appeasing whinny children, visiting the nearby park, spending $12 on one hot dog and two plates of fries, and horsing around the leftovers of said fries plus three rain jackets, a balloon pirate sword and a balloon doggie and leash through the massive tall ships® crowds. (the sword survived; fido did not.)
  • the kate gosslin haircut is alive and well in the north country. looks like a flock of startled birds alighted in the two harbors area.
  • if you have a very chubby child, here's what not to dress her in: a t-shirt from the university of wisconsin-stout that says STOUT across the chest.
  • nothing like a hotel potty backing up to say "relaxation." took out all the room towels. the mommy vacation: down on hands and knees with floor cleaner and rags.
  • there's nothing a hot bath, cold shower and warm towel cannot fix.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

things my four-year-old asks me at bedtime

  • how teeny are ants' mouths?
  • who people do we not know?
go to sleep, child.