Friday, April 16, 2010

the mommy day planner

6 am - alarm goes off
6:04 - alarm goes off
6:08 - alarm goes off
6:12 - alarm goes off; get up
6:12-6:30 - check bank balance (still solvent), check e-mail, check
6:30-7:25 - make breakfasts and lunches, rouse and clothe child a, unload and reload dishwasher, break up fights between children, make beds, shove husband and child a out the door
7:25-7:30 - eat
7:30-8 - play don't break the ice, read books with child b
8-8:30 - reassemble basement office post construction
8:30 - ready child b for walk around lake: pack doll, snack and water; sunglasses, kleenex, hand wipes and lap robe already in stroller
8:35 - wait, more breakfast!
8:45-9:45 - walk around lake, engaging in metaphysical discussions with child b ("our ground is the sky for the earth underneath the ground"; "when you climb up to space, you're in outer space")
9:45-10:15 - help child b create and assemble fourth of july wreath (why? why now?)
10:15 - soothe child having nervous breakdown over operation of scotch tape and glue stick; feed child snack
10:20-10:45 - shower, dress, ask child b to dress, allow child b to remain in jammies, exit dwelling
11-11:15 - pick up prescription refills (antidepressants - yea!), grocery shop
11:15-12:15 - have four pairs of eyeglasses adjusted, two each for self and child b
12:15-12:45 - return home, prepare lunches, feed child b, eat
12:45-1:30 - play don't break the ice, read books
1:30-1:40 - ready child b (still in jammies) to leave, head out
1:40 - pick up child a from school
1:50 - remind child a we're not staying to play after school today; argue
2-2:30 - go home, get child b's allowance of 6 quarters, return to school to purchase tiny plastic squishy animals and cheap-ass bling jewelry from vending machines in park building, go home for real
2:30-3:30 - adjust insurance policies, make cutout bunnies with cotton tails for child a (why? easter is over), help child a create fourth of july wreath (parity)
3:30-4 - children watch tv downstairs; blessed, blessed silence
4-4:20 - spiff up child a
4:20 - take child a to birthday party
4:40 - return home; check to make sure present is wrapped for child a's next birthday party tomorrow
4:40-5:45 - make dinner with 4-year-old jammie-clad sous chef
5:45-6:15 - eat dinner with sous chef; more metaphysical discussions and many fart jokes
6:15 - leave to pick up child a, pass returning husband ("hi") in the garage
6:30-6:45 - attempt to wrest child a from birthday party venue
6:45-7 - return home, dump children on husband, engage in 5 minutes of marital discourse, flee the dwelling
7-8:15 - walk around lake with friend
8:15-9 - wrangle children into bed, stare glassy-eyed at computer
9-10 - bath (blessed, blessed silence)
10 - pass out

Sunday, April 11, 2010

here comes peter bushy tail

the mystery of the 13 missing easter eggs has been cracked (ha) - it was the squirrels. we actually spotted one eating a gummy bunny yesterday.

Friday, April 9, 2010

extremely casual friday

pantless, in fact.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

it had to happen

now thing two's dollhouse people are arguing with each other. it sounds like i have a schizophrenic 4-year-old:
"i want to sit on the big part of the merry-go-round!"

"no, i do!"

"no, i do!"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

why do you hate both the babies?

in the latest food allergy news for kids newsletter: two brothers, ages 3 and 5.

names? mercury and lincoln.

perhaps they're expecting little baby chevrolet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a series of unfortunate events

1. going to target the monday after spring break ended for all minneapolis public schools

apparently every other mom in minneapolis had the same idea. and apparently we all shop at the same target location.

2. three coins in the toilet

our toilet is having some kind of personality crisis and has begun to imitate a fountain. actually, it imitated a fountain once, last night. since then, we've been steadfastly avoiding it until bob the plumber shows up. i suspect it's going to take significantly more than three coins to fix.

3. why do you hate the baby?

from the archives of bad baby names: foley schmidt. over a loudspeaker at a ball game. "FOLEY SCHMIDT!" say it out loud a couple times.

4. "mom, keely just barfed!"


Friday, April 2, 2010

the love affair with worms continues

the girls just poked their heads in the back door from playing outside in the drizzle.

"want to see my worm pockets?!" asked thing one.

she had filled her rain slicker pockets with water (darn impermeable plastics), and thing two had then filled the pockets with...worms.

masses of writhing worms, some of them seeming to reach up to me with their plaintive little heads. (butts? who can tell?)

and of course, i had to do the good, modern mommy thing and say, "wow, that's really interesting - what an unusual application for your pocket" while my brain was screaming, "WORMS! AIEEEEEEE! WORMS! GET THOSE FUCKING WORMS AWAY FROM ME! MOMMY IS FUCKING FREAKED OUT BY WORMS! WOOOOOOORMS!"

they just came back in. i made sure the pockets were empty before i let them pass through the door.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"do you want to pet my worms, mom?"

oh dear god. this was not in the so, you're having a girl! brochure.

who would have guessed i'd wind up with a budding oligochaetologist?